8 Practical Tips To Dealing With Fear in Your Trading

How To Deal With Fear? Identify & Quantify It I have found that the best way to deal with fear (especially in the market) is to identify your fear (what do you fear most) and quantify your downside (how much you are comfortable losing, if wrong).  Then exit if your pre-determined stop loss is triggered.  This […]

2018 opened with a bang | Week in Review 01/05/2018

2018 opened with a bang! Not only did the major averages continue to hit new record highs, there was virtually no selling to speak of.  Clearly, this is very strong action and it tells you that the bulls remain in control as sellers are virtually nowhere be seen.

8 TRADING TIPS for 2018 and Beyond

Trading Tips for 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As we begin 2018, here are my Top 8 Trading Tips for 2018 that will keep you on the path to success: Self Awareness and Introspection Run your own race Have a strong why and persevere Have a support network Be Consistent Keep your losses small Start a Trading Journal Get a […]

Mental Capital

mental capital

Invest, Don’t Spend Your Attention. Most people spend most of their time and mental capital reliving the drama of their past or worrying about their future.  Doing either of these takes you away from the present moment or forces you to spend your attention on something that has a very low ROI.  For a better […]