How to Buy Weakness In An Uptrend

There is an important tool in my toolbox that helps me successfully navigate capital markets and that is to buy weakness in uptrends.  When in a bull market, it is a series of higher highs and higher lows. In addition to buying strength (only buying breakouts) is to step up and buy weakness in strong uptrends.  It is […]

Two Ways to Find And Own Monster Stocks

Here are two primary ways to find and own monster stocks:       1) Identify Shared Characteristics Before you can find the next monster stock, it is important to understand the broader concept of what characteristics most monster stocks share before their explosive moves.  Let’s look at Starbucks for example.  The idea is to find and own […]

Stocks Soar on Earnings and Tax Optimism | Week in Review 10/20/2017

Stocks Race Higher As Earnings Season Kicks In Stocks soared last week.  Hope of a tax cut was renewed.  The vast majority of earnings (that were announced) beat estimates. The market went from being extended to being VERY extended!  Buyers continued to show up and aggressively accumulate stocks.  From any normal perspective, the market is […]

5 Steps To Becoming A Long-Term Success in the Market

Profits are a function of time. By definition, any trade that is exited with a profit requires a certain element of time. The problem is that most people have a natural tendency to seek immediate gratification at the expense of long-term gratification. That is why most people lose money on Wall Street. Think about a […]