Focus on Risk Management and You Will Win | Why I sold AAOI 2 minutes before the close

If you want to win in the stock market, the key is to focus on risk management! A stock that I had been actively trading for several months during its run was Applied Optoelectronics (Ticker: AAOI).  We even discussed this trade and the idea around it during my NASDAQ TV appearance in May:… For […]

Facts Will Make You Money, Not Headlines

Contrary to most people, I am not glued to my screen all day and do not read every headline that crosses the wire. Instead, I prefer to only read one headline… The MARKET. I make my best decisions when the markets are closed, typically nights or the weekend. This process allows me to remove my emotions from the decision-making […]

Stocks Perched Near RECORD Highs! | Week in Review 10/13/2017

The market was relatively quiet last week as earnings season officially began.  The major indices remain perched below record highs as the bulls continue to dominate the landscape.  The fact that there remains virtually no selling is a net positive for the bulls. In the short-term, the market is extended to the upside and a […]

Stacking the Odds of Success in Your Favor

In life, and in the stock market, success is about stacking the odds of success in your favor. In Las Vegas, there is an old adage that says you want to always know who the smartest guy in the room is.  Most people look around the room and try to size up their competition. However, […]