Stacking the Odds of Success in Your Favor

In life, and in the stock market, success is about stacking the odds of success in your favor. In Las Vegas, there is an old adage that says you want to always know who the smartest guy in the room is.  Most people look around the room and try to size up their competition. However, […]

Don’t Let Money Be Your Top Motivator When Trading

Everyone wants to make money when trading the stock market.  However, if making money is your only motivator, be careful.  I have found that trading to make money is dangerous because of the emotional attachment we have to our cash. When we focus on money and are motivated by greed, we tend to ignore the obvious. If you are […]

Stocks Make Record Highs 6 Days Straight | Week in Review 10/06/2017

The S&P has closed at a record high six straight days which is its longest run of the millennium (since 1997)! Stocks rallied sharply last week as the bulls remain in clear control of this market. At this point, the market is now extended (in the short term) and remains very strong. It is important […]